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Restoring Balance

Dear Dr Bartels,

Sometimes in our hectic busy life we forget to sit down and thank those people who make our lives better in some small and large ways.  You have accomplished both for our family recently with your wonderful and professional surgical talent and understanding of people.

In a small way, your kindness and understanding of your patient's situation is beyond approach.  You treated my wife like she was your own family, and thus from her first visit to your office was very positive about having the surgery she needed accomplished without any fear or concern of the outcome.

Of course the large accomplishments we really don't have any idea about, because you performed them in the operating room! But we do know the results, and they have been outstanding for my wife! As you know by her last visit, she had not driven yet.  Since the family has given her the nickname "Roadrunner" over the years because of the way she racks up the miles on her car, we were concerned she did not want to drive after the surgery. Well, those concerns are behind us now, she is driving and doing all the things she did prior to surgery.

My daughters, my wife and I sincerely "Thank You" for you professionalism, talent and sincere desire to want to assist people with problems such as my wife.  Her balance problems are near perfect now and we are sure they will continue to improve with each day.  But most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful and outstanding person! God Bless.

With sincere gratitude and respect,