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BAHA Solution

Dear Dr Bartels,

Perhaps my most important visit to see you was in your Spring Hill office.  After a hearing test you told me I had a unilateral conductive hearing loss and that the only solution was a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.

You very patiently took as much time as needed to explain the process and thoroughly answer my many (and there were many) questions.  I will admit that the idea of letting you drill a hole in my head and implant a titanium abutment was a little foreign as well as somewhat disconcerting.  You kindly said that I could schedule an appointment for the surgery by calling your  Tampa office directly.  After considering the process for the hour it took me to drive home, I decided I had total confidence in you and I scheduled my surgery immediately.

January 18 was the big day and again, your wonderful attitude and obvious competence made me quiet comfortable with the procedure.  Actually, in retrospect, the only really unpleasant part of the entire time was wearing the awful huge white uncomfortable "bandage".  I think those might have been the longest 8 days I can remember.

The audiologist fitted my Ponto Pro in March and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I have even gotten past the "hole in the head" and "screw loose" joking period by family and good friends.  I have named "her" Gracie (for Amazing Grace) since the difference in my daily life is amazing.  You and your entire staff are to be congratulated on your professional, care hearing center.  Thank you all.