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Whole Again

Dr Bartels,

I wold like to extend our heart felt thanks and gratitude to you for taking care of our daughter over these past six years.  After our appointment with you this past week and receiving the great news that she can now get her ears wet without having to take any precautions was just so very gratifying; and on the ride home to W.P. she was actually very pleasant and talkative, not unlike her customary and usual teenage angst.

I want to thank you for your skills as a gifted surgeon, as a healer extraordinaire, as a caring, wonderful man who has seen to it that our daughter received the very best that modern medicine has to offer.  Closure can sometimes be a little sad, yes I'm a little sad that we have reached this milestone but I wouldn't trade this wonderful outcome for anything.  It has been our honor and blessing to have your as our daughter's attending physician for these past six years and as parents we have the great satisfaction of knowing after careful study and deliberation our choice to bring her to you was the right decision.

I wish you unabated success with your practice and may you continue to work your surgical miracles so that you patients receive the gift of hearing and balance and good health.  Thank you so very much for all you have done for our daughter, she is whole again because of you.

All the very best,