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Ear Noise

Ear Noise

Dear Dr Bartels,

I'm sure most people come to see you because they can't hear, my mother came to you because she could hear something she didn't want to hear.  A unique swishing sound inside her head.  You in a span of thirty minute correct a devastating misdiagnosis from another doctor and proceeded to show what is so right and incredible with our medical profession today.  You brought us to Dr. E who you had confidence in and which subsequently was instilled in us after meeting him.  I'm sure he has informed you of the success he had embolizing the arterial malformation and eliminating the torturous sound beating in my mother's head.  To see her sleep peacefully after rarely sleeping for eleven months is beyond words.  I thank you for your dedication and want you to know that I challenge every doctor I come into contact with to be half the doctor you are. Your example has changed my expectations and I am grateful for all that you have done.  The hospital, the staff from receptionist down to transportation, even the cafeteria was great and in a time when society is still chasing the dollar it was great to see people placed first.  Thank you for helping my mother.



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