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Cochlear Implants Have Made a Difference in My Life

Dear Dr Bartels,

Having worn hearing aids for most of my 68 years, I always found it necessary to lip read when conversing with another person.  Additionally, it was sometimes very difficult to carry on a telephone conversation.

Several months after both of my processors were activated, I am now able to hear what someone is saying without always having to read lips.  Conversing on the phone is still a little challenge, but this is also an improvement over what it was before.

Also, thanks to my cochlear implants, for the first time in my life, I am hearing sounds that I never heard before.  Distant rolling thunder; rain hitting the window; boiling water, these are examples.

The cochlear implants, without a doubt, have mad a big difference in my life.

I want to thank you and your staff for everything.



Dear Dr Bartels,

Thank you so much for seeing me on Tuesday.  This new development of Tumarkins was very upsetting to me.  Thank you for helping me understand my condition and relaying your experience and prognosis.  You were very patient and answered all my questions.  Thank you so much for working me in your busy schedule.  See you in three months.


Gone But Not Forgotten

Dear Dr Danner,

Thank you for all of the specialized treatment you have provided for the removal of my acoustic neuroma.  You really took the time to explain and discuss options techniques and other things that were so important.  I felt very confident in your care and that proved to be true as I am doing very well in my recovery.  You are a very kind and caring doctor and I am glad that it worked out with you being my doctor/surgeon.



Fixing My Ears

Dear Dr Bartels,

I can't thank you enough for fixing my ears.  I appreciate it so much.  I am so relieved that I can finally hear better and go swimming without earplugs!  I'm free! Six years of bad hearing is over!  Once again, thank you so much.  My whole family deeply appreciates it.

Thanks a bunch!


Whole Again

Dr Bartels,

I wold like to extend our heart felt thanks and gratitude to you for taking care of our daughter over these past six years.  After our appointment with you this past week and receiving the great news that she can now get her ears wet without having to take any precautions was just so very gratifying; and on the ride home to W.P. she was actually very pleasant and talkative, not unlike her customary and usual teenage angst.

I want to thank you for your skills as a gifted surgeon, as a healer extraordinaire, as a caring, wonderful man who has seen to it that our daughter received the very best that modern medicine has to offer.  Closure can sometimes be a little sad, yes I'm a little sad that we have reached this milestone but I wouldn't trade this wonderful outcome for anything.  It has been our honor and blessing to have your as our daughter's attending physician for these past six years and as parents we have the great satisfaction of knowing after careful study and deliberation our choice to bring her to you was the right decision.

I wish you unabated success with your practice and may you continue to work your surgical miracles so that you patients receive the gift of hearing and balance and good health.  Thank you so very much for all you have done for our daughter, she is whole again because of you.

All the very best,


Tumor Experience

Dear Dr Bartels,

Words can't express how I feel other than very blessed to be here and to have had a successful surgery. So many people don't have this experience.  The moment I met you I knew you were a "gift from God" and I was exactly where I was meant to be.

I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in May and told by the ENT Specialist and Neurosurgeon in Maine that we would not do surgery but watch the tumor and to periodic MRI's.  The neurosurgeon told me my best case scenario was I'd lose my hearing totally in the left ear.  I learned a cousin had the same diagnosis ten years ago and Dr Bartels did a very successful surgery on him.  The first available appointment to see Dr Bartels was 2 1/2 weeks later.  So my husband and I flew from Portland where Dr Bartels reviewed my MRIs with us and immediately said "This is what we're going to do."  He was very confident, self assured.  He spent about 1 1/2 hours with us and I immediately knew that was what I was going to do and with whom I was going to do it with.  This is a major surgery and life threatening decision for me but I felt very calm and confident and in my heart I knew I'd been sent to him.

My surgery was a great success.  The care I was given by Dr Bartels and his staff was superb! By the way, Dr Bartels saved my hearing.  It tested exactly the same as when I went into surgery.  Usually you loose some hearing during this surgery.  My tumor began on my facial nerve so had I waited to just observe by MRI and it had grown my face could have been paralyzed or greatly affected.  That thought horrifies me!  I don't know what else to say other than Thank You so much!  You will always have a very special place in my heart!


The Day My Life Was Changed

"It's just oxygen, don't worry!" were the last five words I heard before I went under to have my whole world changed.  I woke up sever hours later in the most excruciating pain of my life, but with a new meaning of, "I can hearing you loud and clear!"  I had just had my world changed, in many ways.

From the time I was a month old, I have been shuttled to doctors of every king.  One of the endless number of doctors' names I have long forgotten discovered that my left ear canal was full of bone.  Back in those days, most doctors told my parents, "If it is not life threatening, you should just wait until she is older to make her own decision about having it corrected."  I cannot tell you the hundreds of times I have heard that in my life, and every time I felt the same way.  I would not be here wasting my parents, yours, or my time on this if I did not plan on really having it done!  Eighty percent of the doctors I have encountered have been eye doctors, but two were just for the ear that had been just hanging on the side of my face unusable for seventeen years.  The doctor that I saw in ... (that I wish was just another name on the list of doctor names I have forgotten) gave me two options.  That was the first time I remember there was actually something they could do to fix my ear.  Both would be life changing but which one was better for me?  Drilling a hole in the side of my head or sticking a screw in, then after five months of recovery attach a box and hear better than most Americans?  Or, go see two specialists in Tampa who could possible drill the bone out, reconstruct my canal, and give me a new ear drum?  What were the risks I was facing with both?  What would be the difference in my actual hearing abilities?  I felt like I was on cloud nine.  Drilling the bone out?  What a splendid idea.  No ugly box and screw in my head for the next seventy years?  With those options, my choice was made a little easier.  Of course, unnamed doctor busted my new found excitement with the risks and complications: brain fluid drainage, canal collapsing, and about a hundred other risks that seemed to be coming out like the word vomit. I finally decided to talk all those other doctors advice and wait, weigh my options, and ask my family for their opinions. In August, I decided I was finally ready to go through with the surgery.  The only problem was, unnamed doctor lost his surgical privileges in my county of residence, and I was not willing to wait for his partner to get approved by my insurance.  So the road I had not even considered giving the slightest possibility looked like my only hope.

A month later, my dad and I made the two hour and twenty minute, 152.37 mile drive to Tampa General Hospital on November 2 to meet Dr Loren Bartels.  That day was the first time I would meet the man that would change my life, in the elevator on the ride up to his office.  He would end up being the one to give me the gift of being able to hear like everyone else, to have the option of having people walk on my left side without pretending to hear them, or have it be a black hole of secrets that many people have lost inside.  Within a week, my dad had scheduled my surgery for exactly one month later.  The thirty day wait felt like it was my arch nemesis that could never be defeated.  I felt overwhelmed and had the feeling that I was having to wade through too many things than I could handle.  Two trips up to Tampa General with my dad in the days before my surgery felt as if I was making a cross country trip every time I had to get in the car at 5:30 in the morning.  Ever hear, "Wow, you look like you just got hit by a truck?"  Those are the exact words I would use to explain how I felt walking into TGH on the bone chilling morning of December 10th.  I knew that within a few short hours I would be under the microscope of Dr Bartels.  The nerves were more than present and the inevitable pee test was lurking in the back of my head since they had not even ushered a needle within five hundred feet of me the day before, which was full of tests.  The time seemed to drag by like the feeling I used to get when I was five and had to go to sleep on Christmas Eve after tracking Santa on the computer with my family.  Finally, 10:30 am made it's well anticipated and anxiously awaited arrival, and it was my turn to be wheeled into the OR # 7!

Waking up, I felt like Wonder Woman with bionic hearing. If someone across the room had dropped a pin, it would have sounded like a crash of thunder in my ear.  Knowing that I would be waking in indescribable pain, my mom and younger sister purchased me the most adorable talking bear.  The only problem was, the volume of his cute and cuddle voice made my brain shake! After a full, dragged on week of recovery my newly constructed eardrum was finally ready to hear that cuddly brown bear's voice after I clapped his hands and made my mom smile.

Having to wait two weeks to make that two hour and twenty seven minute drive again it felt like my surgery day all over again.  Only this time, I would be graced with the exact words, "Your recovery is going better than I hoped."

I want to thank you Dr Bartels, from the bottom of my heart for giving me the gift of hearing.  Though, it is really loud at times.  I can never truly thank you enough!



Your Help Has Meant So Much

Dear Dr Bartels,

I thank God for instilling in me a new life through your skillful hands.  I think of the circumstances under which we met, and I can't help but to see God's grace in my life, and in my family.

May the Lord bless you and your family.  I can't thank you enough for your warmth, assurance, and care.

In Christ,


Flying in Comfort

Dear Dr Danner,

The tubes allowed me to fly in perfect comfort without anxiety - thank you for assuring that I was able to arrive at my son's wedding without additional ear problems.  The tubes have not eliminated most of my discomfort but I am greatful for what they did do!  See you next vist.

Best regards,



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