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Acoustic Neuroma

Dr Bartels and Staff,

Thank you Dr Bartels for the wonderful work you did in removing the acoustic neuroma tumor.  I'm so grateful I was sent to such a good doctor and I'm so thankful that I don't have any major side effects from the surgery.

The ICU gave me excellent care.  It was great to be in a hospital, where I was so closely observed after surgery.  Also I had wonderful care on the 9th floor.  The staff was all very kind and helpful. So I have to say Tampa General Hospital was an excellent hospital.

Best regards,


Free of Ménière's Disease

Dear Dr Bartels,

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for helping me to be free of Ménière's Disease, which made me miserable for so many years.  Most of my time was spent in bed due to vertigo and its side effects.

I feel God sent me to you and you worked a miracle.  Everyone said there was no cure for this.  Now I am able to go to Church and do the many things I was unable to do and to enjoy life more at 84 years of age.

I wish I could do more to thank you. I will always remember you in my prayers that you have good health, happiness, and success.



Loving Sound

Dear Dr Danner,

I'm still overwhelmed and can't thank you enough for your care and what you did.

The music at Church Sunday was amazing.  With the ladies singing along with the beautiful music it added to my appreciation of my new hearing.  I went home and listened to the HiFi until it was time to go back. Even the sound of traffic is wonderful.

I wish I had the words to express how much I love sounds.  The music I love to listen to already, brought me to real tears and cries of joy to what the Lord has done through His faithful servant.  Don't let me lose my wonder.

God bless you brother,


Ear Noise

Dear Dr Bartels,

I'm sure most people come to see you because they can't hear, my mother came to you because she could hear something she didn't want to hear.  A unique swishing sound inside her head.  You in a span of thirty minute correct a devastating misdiagnosis from another doctor and proceeded to show what is so right and incredible with our medical profession today.  You brought us to Dr. E who you had confidence in and which subsequently was instilled in us after meeting him.  I'm sure he has informed you of the success he had embolizing the arterial malformation and eliminating the torturous sound beating in my mother's head.  To see her sleep peacefully after rarely sleeping for eleven months is beyond words.  I thank you for your dedication and want you to know that I challenge every doctor I come into contact with to be half the doctor you are. Your example has changed my expectations and I am grateful for all that you have done.  The hospital, the staff from receptionist down to transportation, even the cafeteria was great and in a time when society is still chasing the dollar it was great to see people placed first.  Thank you for helping my mother.




Good afternoon Dr Danner,

I wish to THANK YOU for taking the time from your busy schedule yesterday afternoon to clarify issues that impact a pending health care decision that I have under consideration.  Most especially, I wish to THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!



Hearing Better

Hi Dr Danner,

I got your message and wanted to let you know I'm doing well.  I'm getting lots of rest and catered to by my boyfriend.

It may just be my imagination, but I think I could hear better when I woke up from the anesthesia.  I wasn't expecting that!  It truly is amazing to me that what I once believed to be impossible is possible through people like you.  Thank you so much for the work you do.  Incredible!

I look forward to seeing you again at the post op appointment.



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