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Good afternoon Dr Danner,

I wish to THANK YOU for taking the time from your busy schedule yesterday afternoon to clarify issues that impact a pending health care decision that I have under consideration.  Most especially, I wish to THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!



Safe Place

To my fantastic Dr Danner and every person who makes this practice a safe place for us patients,

Dear folks, this is not only to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy and Merry Christmas and super year, this is also to say thank you to each and every person for taking such awesome care of me and for working as such an awesome team.  You folks rock!

Peace and love to all,


Ear Noise

Dear Dr Bartels,

I'm sure most people come to see you because they can't hear, my mother came to you because she could hear something she didn't want to hear.  A unique swishing sound inside her head.  You in a span of thirty minute correct a devastating misdiagnosis from another doctor and proceeded to show what is so right and incredible with our medical profession today.  You brought us to Dr. E who you had confidence in and which subsequently was instilled in us after meeting him.  I'm sure he has informed you of the success he had embolizing the arterial malformation and eliminating the torturous sound beating in my mother's head.  To see her sleep peacefully after rarely sleeping for eleven months is beyond words.  I thank you for your dedication and want you to know that I challenge every doctor I come into contact with to be half the doctor you are. Your example has changed my expectations and I am grateful for all that you have done.  The hospital, the staff from receptionist down to transportation, even the cafeteria was great and in a time when society is still chasing the dollar it was great to see people placed first.  Thank you for helping my mother.



Excellent Care

Dr Bartels and Staff,

J. & I would like to thank all of you for your excellent care during J's surgery & office visits.  You & your staff kept us informed and everything went as predicted.  You all have made a difficult time in our life go much better.  Keep up the good work!


Loving Sound

Dear Dr Danner,

I'm still overwhelmed and can't thank you enough for your care and what you did.

The music at Church Sunday was amazing.  With the ladies singing along with the beautiful music it added to my appreciation of my new hearing.  I went home and listened to the HiFi until it was time to go back. Even the sound of traffic is wonderful.

I wish I had the words to express how much I love sounds.  The music I love to listen to already, brought me to real tears and cries of joy to what the Lord has done through His faithful servant.  Don't let me lose my wonder.

God bless you brother,


Already Given Back What I Lost

Dr Bartels,

In this, the Season of Miracles, you really have given me one with my Cochlear Implant.

I cannot believe it has only been a month since I was turned on to the world again.  In so many ways, the CI has wiped out the last 13 years as far as being part of the hearing world.  I cannot believe now, that I clung to those horrible alien type blips for the last 13 years and thought I was "hearing" something.  Yet, those blips were the only connection I had to the hearing world and I was terrified of loosing them.

For me, the CI has already given me back what I lost 13 years ago. This is the easy ability to communicate with the people I love and the friends I enjoy.  The second day after turn on, I told my husband to stop signing to me because I could understand him.  He met and fell in love with me as a deaf woman and always signed, but now.... WOW!  We are having such a great time with this miracle I have been given.  Sunday night we drove around looking at the Christmas lights and in the dark, laughed and talked together.  Then it hit us what a miracle I have been given.

My daughters have their mom back.  Just four days after turn on I sat and talked to my younger daughter on Thanksgiving night.  Later, she and T. and I had our first conversation without any signing from T.  My older daughter was up North and when she came back she met me for lunch and could not believe she was actually talking to her mother easily for the first time since she was 12.  My son left for the Air Force just before turn on, but on Thanksgiving I clearly heard a few words over the speakerphone from him.  He was 5 when I lost my hearing and now his voice is that of a man, not the little boy I remember.  This was a shock.  I look forward to hearing him in person as soon as he has a leave.

The other day a co worker and I walked to get cappuccino.  We were talking and walking.  such an everyday event for most people.  That was the first time I have done that and enjoyed it as I used to enjoy being with people.

For me, my CI brings the sounds I hear very close to what I remember.  I am fascinated with the inflections in people's voices.  So many meanings to just a simple work like "ok".  I love to hear people laugh.  Such a melodious sound.

My bells and music box are constant reminders of what I thought I had lost forever and now have again in my life.

Dr Bartels, I was truly terrified the day before surgery when you told me about my enlarged vestibular aqueducts and the possibility of a spinal fluid leak.  I went home and prayed with my husband.  I wondered if I was doing the right thing by wanting this CI so much.  In the end, my trust in you as a surgeon and my desire to re-enter the hearing world and be the person I was before the deafness won out.

You are my "miracle worker".  The technology of the CI, your expertise, the Audiologists ability to do the mapping when I don't make it easy for her, have all given me back my life.  But unlike hearing people, I have been in another country called, deafness, and will never ever take my hearing or my CI for granted again.

I must admit that when my warning signals beep for the "seat beats" at 6 am, I do tell them... "oh be quiet" and then laugh out loud and correct that statement to be... "no don't ever be quiet again."

Eleanor Roosevelt has said it best when she stated, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." I never gave up wanting to hear again and now I have my dream come true.

My God richly bless you and bless the ability you have as a surgeon.  You are truly one of His angels here on earth to touch lives with miracles.

Merry Christmas,




Dear Dr Danner,

Words cannot express how thankful I am to you.  You gave me the confidence I needed to get through this.  You should know not all doctors are like you, you are a diamond in the ruff.  I thank God everyday that you were the one to help me through this trying time. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season and may God bless all of you.