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Easier Hearing and Understanding

Dear Dr. Danner,

I wanted to take the time to say how very much I appreciate the difference in my hearing since my recent tympanoplasty surgery.

I have suffered with hearing problems since I was a child... it made my school days more difficult to learn and my career in sales a daily struggle to communicate.  I have worn hearing aids since the seventies.

At 71 years of age I can finally enjoy the world around me with a great sense of ease and without straining to hear and understand.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for brightening my world.  I wish you continued success... which I know you will enjoy ... and best wishes to you and your family.  May God keep you all in his care.

Look forward to seeing you again.  Thank you for being so caring and dedicated.


I Can Hear

Dear Dr Bartels,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can hear!  After seven years with a hearing aid, I had not even imagined that my hearing might ever be restored.  I had assumed that my hearing would continue to decline and hearing aids would need to become more powerful.

When I learned that a stapedectomy would "fix" the problem in my ear, I thought it was too good to be true.

But here I am... three weeks after the surgery... hearing beautifully with no hearing aid.  To me, it's a miracle.  Most of all I'm happy for my family... my husband, children and grandchildren.  I hear them now... the first time.  They were wonderfully understanding and patient with me before, repeating so many times... but I'm grateful that I no longer need to impose on their patience in that way.

Through your skillful surgery, you have blessed our whole family.  What a grand way to begin the New Year!



Restoring Balance

Dear Dr Bartels,

Sometimes in our hectic busy life we forget to sit down and thank those people who make our lives better in some small and large ways.  You have accomplished both for our family recently with your wonderful and professional surgical talent and understanding of people.

In a small way, your kindness and understanding of your patient's situation is beyond approach.  You treated my wife like she was your own family, and thus from her first visit to your office was very positive about having the surgery she needed accomplished without any fear or concern of the outcome.

Of course the large accomplishments we really don't have any idea about, because you performed them in the operating room! But we do know the results, and they have been outstanding for my wife! As you know by her last visit, she had not driven yet.  Since the family has given her the nickname "Roadrunner" over the years because of the way she racks up the miles on her car, we were concerned she did not want to drive after the surgery. Well, those concerns are behind us now, she is driving and doing all the things she did prior to surgery.

My daughters, my wife and I sincerely "Thank You" for you professionalism, talent and sincere desire to want to assist people with problems such as my wife.  Her balance problems are near perfect now and we are sure they will continue to improve with each day.  But most of all, thank you for being such a wonderful and outstanding person! God Bless.

With sincere gratitude and respect,


2 Years Out

Dear Dr Bartels,

It's been 2 years as of August since my Acoustic Neuroma surgery.  My family and I are still in awe of what you did for me.  I've been to at least six doctors since my surgery and they can't believe I'm doing this well.  I think I'm Dr B.'s Acoustic Neuroma post child, he is truly amazed at how well I'm doing.  I feel like I owe my life to you, and I'm still grateful for your skill as a surgeon.



Acoustic Neuroma

Dear Dr Bartels,

It gave me great comfort to read the wonderful letters from your patients that you have in the waiting room.  It was Wednesday, the day before my surgery for removal of an acoustic neuroma.  I knew that I wanted also to add a few words of encouragement for your future patients.  The prospect is scary and the procedure appears daunting but in your very capable and especially caring hands with your wonderful bedside manner, it all went very well.

I'm making progress daily, just not ready to take on the world yet, unless it can be done in 20 minutes or less.  I have been blessed, once again, especially during this Thanksgiving season.  My best wishes to you and your entire staff for a wonderful holiday season.

I also wanted to mention, in closing, that the anesthesiologist was most competent and kind and he told me his name, more than once.  I cannot remember it, but let's attribute it to the gas!




To Dr Danner,

Many sincere thanks for the nice detailed and "TLC" touch you gave me by phone.  "All" the family are so grateful for your time, talents and tenderness you displayed even on the phone in helping us with C's dizziness!

Already he is feeling better and plans to return to school today!  We will look forward to your evaluation and care for C.

I thank and praise the Lord for putting us in your care! As I say -- there are no per chance meetings -- because everything passes through God's hands.  So I look forward to meeting you and your family -- soon.  In His Service - Isaiah 40:31


I Love My Cochlear Implant

Dr Bartels,

By the way, I don't know if I have told you yet... but I just LOVE my Cochlear Implant!  I can't live without it!  It is funny now, because sometimes I will forget to bring an extra battery along when I go out with a group of people... when my battery dies... I want NOTHING to do with anymore than 1 person!  It is way too hard to keep up with them!  I practically go outside or leave the group... but that doesn't happen often as I MAKE sure I have plenty of batteries with me now! Also, my husband and other people have told me that my speech drastically changes as soon as the battery shuts off and if I don't put on another battery right away.  Same goes when I am not wearing my processor and then put it on... my speech changes so much!  Pretty neat, eh?  Also, I have had people at work tell me that my speech got a lot better over the summer (since I didn't see them for 2 months).  I thought that was cool, I wasn't even trying.  I just pick up on the sounds and try to better my speech or "copy" what other people's speech sounds like.  It is so important to me that I am being understood.  Also, when I order food or order something at the counter... the salespeople understand me the first time now.  Not the 2nd or 3rd time or have to write it down.  It is such an uplifting experience not to have to work so hard anymore!  At times I wonder how I survived all those years without the CI!  At times I regret not getting it back in 92' when I qualified for it in Kansas City on my way out to a job in Yellowstone National Park.  Oh yeah, another really important issue for with the CI is when people call my name or want my attention... they can get it with no problem... even at 20 ft away!  Children call me and I can hear them most of the time depending on how much noise is going on, ya know.  It is so cool! Also, I can understand my husband when he says short sentences without looking at his lips! I get so tickled when I can do that! Heh heh.  Sometimes I can even hear the other person talking to my husband when he is talking on his cell phone!  I can't wait until the day I can call my husband or mother on the cell phone! I know, I know it will be a long time... but it is worth wishing and hoping for!  I try to encourage my other deaf friends who use the hearing aid like I did to get the CI... boy, everyone is scared of the operation.  I know I was... that is why I waited 10 years... but I try to explain to them that I made that same mistake... However, those deaf friends do live in the deaf world more than I do... so I think that has some influence to it.  I know my agenda was to get more hearing so I could be a better mother to my children... that was my #1 goal in the first place of why I got the CI.  Boy, it has paid off already... I am not even pregnant yet! But we are trying these days... I can't wait and I hope I am not tool old to make it difficult getting pregnant!

Well, I have said a mouthful!  Thank you for your wonderful expertise and helping my life so much! Many people told me that you had the hands of God... well, I am not a religious person (or haven't found my religion yet)... but THAT... I do believe you have the hands of something VERY special along with a very good mind!  Thank you again!

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Returned to School

Hi Dr Danner,

K.C. returned to USF in January to continue his studies.  He had rehab at the Sports Concussion Unit in Syracuse this past year.  He appears to be doing well, and seems to be doing well in his studies.  Thank you for all your help last year, your team was helpful too!



Dear Dr Danner,

Since 6 months of age, my daughter had been experiencing horrible earaches, which kept her up at night. She was consistently on antibiotics to clear up the infections.  Her pediatrician recommended us to see an ENT for the possibility of tubes. Well to make a long story short we came to see Dr Danner and we were nothing but satisfied. The nursing staff was always patient with my daughter and always made her feel at home.

On February 1 my 13 month old baby girl had to have surgery.  As a mom, I was devastated, thinking the worst.  Let me be the first to say our experience the day of the surgery was nothing but the best. The hospital nursing staff made sure we as parents knew the entire team that would be with her during her surgery and we were able to ask ample amounts of questions. Although the 10 minutes we were away from our daughter was the hardest thing ever, we knew she was being very well taken care of.

Thank you sincerely.  We are a military family and not having family in town makes every situation, as such, very difficult. You and your staff should feel proud for the great job you all do on a daily basis.


Great Work

Dear Dr Bartels,

I want to say thank you for the great work that you do.  You performed a stapedectomy on my right ear in September and it is so wonderful to be able to hear again.  Your expertise and skills have given me a gift that has changed my life.  It is so wonderful to be able to converse with people with ease.  You have reopened my world!

Thank you again. Sincerely,


God Bless You!