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Fixing My Ears

Dear Dr Bartels,

I can't thank you enough for fixing my ears.  I appreciate it so much.  I am so relieved that I can finally hear better and go swimming without earplugs!  I'm free! Six years of bad hearing is over!  Once again, thank you so much.  My whole family deeply appreciates it.

Thanks a bunch!


Labrynthectomy Surgery

Dear Dr Danner,

Please accept my thanks for the success of my recent labrynthectomy surgery.  Even though I am in the early weeks of recovery, I am greatly relieved to be rid of my ongoing issues with vertigo once and for all.  I would also like to thank you and the other staff members at Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance Center for the ongoing care that I have received over the past two years as we worked together to find a solution to relieve my symptoms from Ménière's Disease.  No only you, but your office staff, nurses, and audiologists have always treated me with professionalism, and more importantly, with compassion.  I have always felt that my medical needs are being addressed as an individual, even though the practice is very busy indeed.

Thank you again for helping me to achieve the highest quality of life possible.  Your medical skills and outstanding patient rapport are greatly appreciated.



Gone But Not Forgotten

Dear Dr Danner,

Thank you for all of the specialized treatment you have provided for the removal of my acoustic neuroma.  You really took the time to explain and discuss options techniques and other things that were so important.  I felt very confident in your care and that proved to be true as I am doing very well in my recovery.  You are a very kind and caring doctor and I am glad that it worked out with you being my doctor/surgeon.




Dr Bartels,

Thought you might like to know that J. made a 3.5 GPA for the eight grade.  He was totally mainstreamed in all of his classes.

His next goal is to make the golf team and then the baseball team.  He is very determined.  He is also looking forward to getting his restricted license in September.

Thanks for your help in making him be able to be so successful as a hearing impaired person.




Dear Dr Bartels,

Thank you so much for seeing me on Tuesday.  This new development of Tumarkins was very upsetting to me.  Thank you for helping me understand my condition and relaying your experience and prognosis.  You were very patient and answered all my questions.  Thank you so much for working me in your busy schedule.  See you in three months.


The Second Time I Went to Tampa

The second time I went to Tampa I had a ear surgery.  Me and my family stayed at a hotel.  The name of the hotel was Sheraton.  My hotel had two beds, a lamp, a bathroom also a window with curtains so we could see the city side.  My hotel room even had a television screen.  The city side was really busy.  On the other side was like a lake for people to go see racing boating as a team and also people just practiced boating.  The first day we were there we went to the Tampa Aquarium with my uncle and my three cousins.  At the Aquarium we saw sting rays, otters, alligators, fish and even a fish that blends into marbles, blue marbles, and baby sea horses.  The baby sea horses were so cute.  We got to the Aquarium in a shuttle.  A shuttle is sort of like a tour bus but it takes places like if you wanted to visit the hospital than it will take you to the hospital.  When I went to the hospital I was a little bit nervous.  The doctors and the nurses were very nice.  I even got to see my own doctor, Dr Bartels.  He is a very nice doctor.  He is my most favorite doctor in the world.  When it was the day for the surgery, I was really really scarred.  But it turned out okay for the doctors.  But when I woke up I was bursting into tears.  Two days later we took off the cup off my ear and I was all better.  The End.


Cochlear Implants Have Made a Difference in My Life

Dear Dr Bartels,

Having worn hearing aids for most of my 68 years, I always found it necessary to lip read when conversing with another person.  Additionally, it was sometimes very difficult to carry on a telephone conversation.

Several months after both of my processors were activated, I am now able to hear what someone is saying without always having to read lips.  Conversing on the phone is still a little challenge, but this is also an improvement over what it was before.

Also, thanks to my cochlear implants, for the first time in my life, I am hearing sounds that I never heard before.  Distant rolling thunder; rain hitting the window; boiling water, these are examples.

The cochlear implants, without a doubt, have mad a big difference in my life.

I want to thank you and your staff for everything.


You Saved My Life

Dr Danner,

You saved my life and I can never thank you for what you have done for me.  You have put up with me for a year almost and I know all the things I've been through didn't help my anxiety, but you and your staff have been wonderful to me.

I thank you for my voice to continue to preach God's Word and tell them miracles do happen.  God bless you and your family.


A Whole New World

Dear Dr Bartels,

Having this cochlear implant, a miracle that I never dreamed would occur in my lifetime, really opened a new world for me.  Thanks to you and your staff!

However I was blessed with wonderful parents who encouraged me to grow up in a normal atmosphere, despite of my hearing impairment.  Thus, I give them, especially my wonderful mother, all the credit in the world for the position in which I am now.  If they were alive now, they would have been beyond happiness about this miracle.

My family and friends have been so excited to be able to talk to me on the phone instead of the TTY.  Some of them have confessed how they hated it.  We've had a good laugh about it.  It has been absolutely incredible even!

Knowing that my hearing would never be perfect, I am contented and satisfied to have this opportunity finally.  Thank you so much Dr Bartels for deeply enriching my life to the fullest.

God bless you and your staff.

Gratefully yours,


Its Been Only Days

Dear Dr Bartels,

Its been only three days since you performed the operation and stereophonic sound indeed!!  I'm hearing all kinds of noises which I haven't noticed in years -- what's this humming, what's that there -- is something wrong with the car?  No there isn't -- I can hear!!!

Thank you, thank you so very much.  You have changed my life.  I'm so grateful.  You'll be in my prayers always. God bless you.